David Barton Gym’s 5th Annual Block Party Review


I attended the David Barton’s 5th Annual Block Party (8/28) a few days ago and I must say that for someone who often visited the Equinox gyms, I think David Barton did a pretty awesome job in convincing me to jump membership otherwise. The purpose of this event in my own opinion was to welcome both members and non-members to get an intimate experience with David Barton (in case you didn’t know, David Barton is known for its stylish and innovative atmosphere that helps your “forget the outside world” and get your pumped up before you ever step onto the treadmill or barbell.) The event (Astor Place in New York City) has partnered up with pop-up shops that offered giveaways, special discounts & tons of great takeaways for you to get ready for the next day or workout (or both). Some of the sponsors include ZICO Coconut Water, FIU by Uptown, EBOOST, Back Label and much more.

I had the upmost pleasure of meeting Kevin Kavanaugh, the President of David Barton Gym, who also not only made the event smoothly run with his staff, but also gave me good takeaways fitness/health tips including make your own food with wholesome ingredients and not worry so much on the calories counting on food that would pack the weight and find a workout that you enjoy the most in order for you to stick with it in the long run. I also had a great experience in my first tour around the gym and I must say I’m pretty sold not just because I’m writing quite a positive review for David Barton (The Concept of F.I.T. keeps it real for you, the amazing audience to get your F.I.T. on) but some of the things I believe its Concept of F.I.T. worthy. This David Barton gym comes equipped with a live DJ, colorful, ‘nightlife” themed workout cycling and free weight-rooms and the energy of great trainers that would motivate you to push that last rep instead of doing the workout yourself and not get much out of your time.

 Leave your 9 to 5 stressful job, the anxiety that you don’t look great enough, and your longing to belong somewhere with like-minded individuals and come to David Barton in Astor Place. For the rebels, the nerds, the subcultures, and the unique individuals, this gym gets you going and feels surreally at home. I hope to do more events with David Barton for more to come. Cons, nothing I can’t think of yet, so I might just have to join and figure that one for myself.

Overall experience 5/5


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