A Tidbit Checklist to get started on your Workout Journey

Be Hardcore or bust!

Honestly, you can and remove things in this list to your liking, but I figure that if you want to work out, you need a few things. Things that will keep you in line, things that will make sure you do your part, things that…well you get the point. I will write a checklist of things that the TCOF(The Concept Of F.I.T.) would love to review soon enough. This list will get more extensive as time goes along.  Here goes nothing

Essential Gym Bag Essentials:

1) Sweatpants

2) Sweatshorts

3) Running Capris 

4) High Quality Socks

5) Well-Rounded Running Sneakers

6) Water Bottle

7) Deodorant

8) MP3 Player that Clips on

9) Sports Towel

10) Sport Headphones

11) Gym Bag

12) Face Wash

13) Disinfectant Wipes

14) Cell Phone

15) Heart Rate Monitor

16) Sandals

17) Odor Eliminator 

18) Interval Timer

19) Shaker Pro Bottle

20) Energy Bar/Post Workout Bar

21) Gym Gloves

22) Sweat Jacket

23) Running Gloves

24) Sunglasses

25) Bug Spray


Home Gym Essentials

1) Medicine Ball

2) Stability Ball

3) Free Weights/Dumbbells

4) Yoga Mat

5) Ab Wheel

6) Pull Up Bar

7) Resistance Bands

8) Jump Rope

9) TRX or Insanity Workout Program

10) Punching Bag

11) Boxing Gloves

12) Gym Bench

13) Kettlebells



1) Fish Oil

2) Krill Oil

3) Garlic

4) Metamucil

5) Ginger


7) Creatine

8) Whey Protein

9) CLA

10) Vitamin D

11) Vitamin C


Will create the extended version really soon!


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