Month: September 2014

The First Annual Queens Health, Beauty and Financial Expo

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The First Annual Health, Beauty and Financial Expo was held on Sept 14 from 11 a.m.-4 the New York Hall of Science, which provided local Queens residents and their families a chance to venture new ways to health, beauty and finance. Among the expo were free blood pressure tests, health screenings, samples and demonstrations of different fitness and wellness organizations, such as The Fitness Detective. This was a perfect chance for residents to take advantage of services (requires insurance card) that may not be presented in the past.

Raffle tickets were given from each vendor demonstration and bought in order to win tons of great prizes including gift certificates for massages, dinner at UnoGrill, and most importantly a grand trip prize to Cancun, Mexico. Everyone who came out to the expo was given a free goody bag that had a few thoughtful gifts such as a hardcover notebook and Colgate toothpaste with toothbrush. Hosted by the Queens Courier Newspaper, the purpose of this expo is “learn how to look and feel good, with information about healthy eating options for the whole family and a variety of interactive demonstrations, including how to prepare a healthy salad by Saladmaster.”

Families get to take home investment tips, information about health insurance options, current New York public health information and senior living. The Queens community also got to interact with local experts. The event is perfect for the whole family, with offerings for everyone from kids to senior citizens as you can “pamper yourself without spending a cent with sample psychic readings, body wraps, hairstyling by Giorgio’s Salon & Spa, 10-minute massages by Healing Hands, and henna tattoos with a purchase of special priced eyebrow threading by ASHA Threading.”  Children also got free face painting and ID cards from NY Life Insurance.

Overall this event gets five stars for overall presentation, mood, organization and timeliness. Fitness Detective and Giorgio’s Salon and Spa had the most impressive overall presentations as they both went beyond their scope of means to really express passion in their respected fields and had clients that showed actual results from utilizing their services, including a woman named Carol Black who chose to workout at Fitness Detective because it’s a smaller gym where it “allows you to work out without feeling scared or intimidated”.

The event is sponsored by The Queens Courier, National Grid, AgeWell New York, AdvantageCare Physicians, Adirondack Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Giorgio’s Salon and Spa, Frankie’s Carnival Time, Parker Jewish Institute for Healthcare & Rehabilitation, Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, Saladmaster and New York Life.


The Calisthenics Kings of the Internet, Lazar Novovic and Frank Medrano

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Inspirational fitness enthusiasts, Lazar Novovic and Frank Medrano have taken the internet by storm by their more than impressive calisthenics moves. Signature moves such as “The Typewriter” (insanely advanced pull-ups), the Dragon Flag and the Human Flag (both extremely difficult abdominal exercises) are some of the exercises that they famously made a name for themselves in terms of body-weight exercises.

Frank Medrano, like many ordinary men, had done track and field during high school years and fell out of place with his health years afterwards. Frustrated with his health situation, he puts the effort consistently—eventually giving him the recognition he deserves. He is famously known as the “Vegan Bodybuilder” and despite the lack of eating meat protein, his hard work comprises. Frank Medrano is currently dating Antoinette Pacheco, another fitness personality who transformed her life as well.

Lazar Novovic is another brand ambassador of the Calisthenics movement. Claiming to have used no gym, supplements, or other weights besides his own bodyweight, not only he was able to achieve an 8-pack, prized among many ripped men, but he is the owner of a Calisthenics organization called BAR BROTHERS, a creative workout team for body weight exercises. The goal of BAR BROTHERS is “to motivate you to get in shape and help you reach your life goals.”

In case you are wondering how difficult to be an official representative of the movement, BAR BROTHERS requires that you have to complete    at least “7 Muscle Ups, 25 Dips, 10 Wide Grip Pull Ups, 25 Push Ups, 10 Leg Lifts, 7 Muscle Ups.” in under 5 minutes or less.” There is not much is known of Lazar Novovic, except he proudly represents his Serbian heritage.

“The tools that you choose are nothing more than a means to an end. Equipment will not change the equation for success, as the most important variable will always be YOU. Having control over your own body and being able to do what you want is what makes training so amazing.” -Frank Medrano

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Product review: EBOOST Energy Power (all varieties)

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Official YouTube EBOOST Video:

EBOOST sent along a sample of each flavor of their Energy Powders (Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate, and Orange) for the purpose of review.

It’s often difficult to find an energy boost, whether it’s for working out and/or at work, without crashing later in the day, especially if the general consumer is not familiar with some of the ingredients, especially if it has more artificial than natural ingredients. You wind up feeling jittery, lethargic and crappy.

What makes EBOOST very special is that its blend of vitamins, minerals, and super-nutrients will “give you a natural lift. It’s packed with ingredients like Vitamins C, D, B6, B12, as well as 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Green Tea, and Green Coffee.”  The energy powder samples not only increased the amount of delivery in our workouts; from faster cardio times and more reps in a given workout, but the efficiency of simply getting overall tasks done, giving EBOOST the highest rating it truly deserves. Our favorite flavor was the Pink Lemonade.

Gluten Free, Non-GMO, no artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners are some of the things EBOOST opted from their ingredients. More impressively is that the company “spent years working with doctors, nutritionists, and trainers to create the right blend of premium ingredients that not only delivers energy, but also helps with recovery, and enhances focus and mood.”

From glowing testimonials from celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Shakira and Kelly Ripa to even Jillian Michaels as EBOOST’s very own Chief Energy Officer, EBOOST will not only deliver natural energy to kick start your workouts, but also boost your workout, and your life.

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The Basics Of Circuit Training and its Benefits


Circuit Training is a form of body-conditioning that combines high intensity exercises with strength/resistance training. A ‘circuit’ is assigned exercises completed one after another. Each exercise is given a certain amount of repetitions within a time limit, in order to keep the heart rate up to target optimum weight loss and toning.

Circuit Training can use free weights, weight machines at a gym, and body weight. The uniqueness of the convenience of not relying on a gym to achieve results and using your body as weight has attracted many fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Circuit Training can be for anyone interested in a fast-paced workout, especially those who want to lose weight and tone up at the same time due to busy work schedules. Circuit Training has been recognized as one of the fastest methods for fat-burning in women.

The creator of this form of exercise, Chuck Coker, “wanted to improve training efficiency and maximize strength and muscle gains all while improving health and cardiovascular fitness”as he coined the term, Peripheral Heart Action Training before Circuit Training.

Depending on the size of the weights used and number of repetitions per exercise, circuit training will improve cardiovascular health, physical strength, and muscle size/tone. However, “there’s one stipulation: the intensity of the workout/circuit must be maintained at 80% of your max heart rate.” Here is what this looks like in an equation:

220 – Your age x .80 = 80% max heart rate.

It’s recommended to do circuit training at least 3 days a week with cardio in off training days to achieve ideal results. In addition, do not overexert recommended cardio so the muscles will not get burned out. Though intensive, individuals can adapt to the prescribed exercises as time go on and improvement persists.

My first sick week, bleh!



Another week, another super drenched outfit I have to rewash again. I am very proud that I can proudly say that I spent the majority of the year improving my body in hopes of ringing in the  new year with a much better body than ever before. So I was set back for a few weeks, not because I got bored of fitness (gasp, LIES!), but because I was a bit sick and wasnt able to do much for days, especially through breathing my nose. Its not something I expected, but something I thought I can prevent, which threw me off balance. I still want to get the prized abs, but I learned that naturally it would take almost a year (thought my stomach wasn’t that completely large to begin with)  My sick week also taught me that I still have a long way to go, but at the same time, isnt that what makes a lifestyle blog interesting to begin with? I have to start the essentials somewhere, whether its nutrition, circuit training, or workouts. Decided that its best to start from somewhere so when you have days like sick days, you don’t falloff as hard.

Refrain from eating carelessly or workout, because the more you push your body when it needs to recover, you WONT recover. Simple as that. 🙂 Back on the grind, planning on starting 2015 really going all out for Calisthenics. And yes, 2014 is almost over folks. Bring out the last hurrahs and get to it!

Five Reasons Why The Banana Keeps the Doctor Away



Adding a banana or two has a great variety of benefits in your body. Besides being of the most widely available fruits in the world, bananas are high in potassium, alleviates your mood, and give you energy you can utilize immediately for a pre-workout. A 9 inch banana is about 105 calories, which sure beats 250 or more calories for a candy bar and often in similar pricings. So it’s best to stock up on bananas at your arsenal by your desk or shelf, especially if you are really busy. Here are some interesting facts about why bananas are amazing.


  • Eye Health-
    1. One Banana has a small amount of Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for protecting your eyes and retaining normal vision. Vitamin A includes both Beta and Alpha Carotene which preserve the membranes that surrounds your eyes. Daily Vitamin A intake improves night blindness and it’s crucial for everyday vision, keeping your eyes strong and healthy.
  • Fights Depression and Mood Swings
    1. Bananas help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which converts to serotonin, known as the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. No wonder monkeys are quite happy.
  • Aid in Quitting Smoking
    1. It’s no fun that people do want to improve their health as smokers. Luckily, bananas have high levels of B-vitamins, potassium, and magnesium to speed up the effects of the nicotine withdrawal.
  • Reduces Morning Sickness
    1. Bananas, when eating in between meals, helps stabilize blood sugar and reduces nausea from morning sickness. You might want to have a banana by your side to make sure mornings can be less sickly.
  • Builds Strong Bones and aids in Weight Loss
    1. Bananas have a good amount of calcium, which aids in building strong bones and fiber, which aids in bowel movement. It also absorbs water and slows digestion which makes you feel full longer.