My first sick week, bleh!



Another week, another super drenched outfit I have to rewash again. I am very proud that I can proudly say that I spent the majority of the year improving my body in hopes of ringing in the  new year with a much better body than ever before. So I was set back for a few weeks, not because I got bored of fitness (gasp, LIES!), but because I was a bit sick and wasnt able to do much for days, especially through breathing my nose. Its not something I expected, but something I thought I can prevent, which threw me off balance. I still want to get the prized abs, but I learned that naturally it would take almost a year (thought my stomach wasn’t that completely large to begin with)  My sick week also taught me that I still have a long way to go, but at the same time, isnt that what makes a lifestyle blog interesting to begin with? I have to start the essentials somewhere, whether its nutrition, circuit training, or workouts. Decided that its best to start from somewhere so when you have days like sick days, you don’t falloff as hard.

Refrain from eating carelessly or workout, because the more you push your body when it needs to recover, you WONT recover. Simple as that. 🙂 Back on the grind, planning on starting 2015 really going all out for Calisthenics. And yes, 2014 is almost over folks. Bring out the last hurrahs and get to it!

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