The benefits of working with a partner

Group exercises for everyone!

Group exercises for everyone!

Remember as children we loved to play together as playtime was the greatest thing in world besides candy? Things started to shift as we become teenagers and our friends become more dominant in how we spend our activities together. As adults, though we still enjoy being active with a few friends, time and stress seems our greatest obstacles when it comes to getting proper needed exercise. Group exercise or at least having a workout buddy gives us the ability to feel young again and return the power of “playtime.”


Bombarded by the media to exercise, most people understand the benefits of a good workout, but receive little guidance in how to initiate the process. With group exercise, exercises are offered on all levels from beginner to advanced, so participants don’t need to know how to develop and effective workout. Thanks to the right fitness instructor in helping you start a new routing, just show up and have a great time!


Few people have that initial drive to take account of skipped sessions when done solo. However, when you work out with a group or a partner, you suddenly become more accountable for showing up to workouts. Setting up times to exercise with a workout buddy or going to a class ensures that you show up on time to work out. This also works very well if you have a personal trainer, who can assure to hold you accountable for not getting your ideal weight since study shows that showing up for someone results in fewer missed workouts!


It is commonly known that it takes over 3,500 calories to burn a pound and burning more calories than you consume is how you shred the pounds away. With a low-calorie meal and good workouts throughout the week, weight loss is bound to happen. “People who work out with a partner lose up to 10 additional pounds than if they exercise alone” according to Motley Health. In addition, your motivation can increase, especially with people that can help you focus on your weight loss goals. Seriously, have friends that won’t eat junk food in front of you when you clearly have a Pilates class 30 minutes from now.


“Exercising with a friend decreases feelings of fatigue and increases energy”, according to a 2011 study published in the American Journal of Health Behavior. Working out with a friend increases the intensity and duration of an exercise session compared to working solo. A partner can help you push yourself harder than you would work out alone. In addition, exercise is good for elevating mood and reducing stress and with a partner or a group, these effects are enhanced. Lastly, group exercise might also allow your brain to release more endorphins and can help you get through difficult types of exercise by reducing pain and enhance a better mood.


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