Month: December 2014

The Power of Pushups

Power Pushups

Pushups are essentially one of the most important exercises to add to your workouts and we all know that there is more than just the standard way of doing pushups. Not to mention, you look pretty cool if you can handle a few diamond pushups. Even a few clap pushups here and there. And major, major points in the world if you can actually can perform one hand pushups. Are we missing anything? Yes. The more you get stronger, the more variety you need for your workouts so check out this video from Bartisti with Frank Medrano and Core King. Happy Sunday!


Monday Motivation

Need a little boost to think about your next set? Check out this Youtube video by BaristiWorkout for the Street Workout World Championship 2014, which was organized by WSWCF ( and the Moscow Sports Ministry Moscom sport in collaboration with Kenguru Pro, Barztec and Workout24.

The event was held on July 26th, 2014 in Moscow, Russia!


The Concept of F.I.T. Mode: Beast!