Why I started doing Spilt Training

Spilt Training

I restarted my fitness journey when I started doing bodyweight exercises via circuit training with my awesome personal trainer. Never would I have imagined I can perform 10 pull-ups in a row, especially a girl with long arms. I dropped more than 20 pounds and got closer to my high school weight, when I was a track and field runner. Although I started out doing bodyweight exercises, I am also pushing aesthetically to transform my body as well. I want to build a bit more muscle and improve “certain” areas in my body (honestly, a larger butt and more defined legs wouldn’t hurt for the summertime).

With the wintertime in session and finding it hard to tone up and build strength at the same time, I figured why not go back to the gym?  This is not to say goodbye to my bodyweight exercises, but gives me a chance to reunite with my first love in the fitness realm, weight training. I struggled with my weight (underweight, overweight an always with bulging belly) growing up. I vow to someday get the body I will feel the most comfortable in.   Here are few good reasons to check out split training:

Learn the hype about leg day

Since you are working different parts of your body per day, you be kicking yourself if you miss a workout since you have to wait until the following week. Besides, who doesn’t want build muscles on their legs and buns when you do those heavy squat lifts?

Shaping specific muscles in the body

As mentioned earlier, splits are great for targeting specific muscle groups to shape your body. This also helps when you simply want to get rid of those bingo arms faster or a hanging gut when hitting the weights.


Even though you can get vascularity from improving your overall strength from bodyweight exercises, doing slow and constricted free weight pumps and with proper diet and plenty of water, those veins will come out of hiding. I call them “Tiger Stripes”

I recommend doing cardio at least 30-45 minutes a day for at least 3 days a week. Since I am used to pushing my body from circuit training, I am currently under the Kris Gethin 12-Week Muscle Building Plan on bodybuilding.com. Using the Y3T training system founded by bodybuilder, Neil Hill,  the principle of Y3T (Yoda 3 Training) is to systematically keep your muscles guessing how you are going to train so that your body has less chance to adapt. In other words, gains, gains and more gains!


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