To Compete or Not to Compete?

This is my first gym day after months training via bodyweight exercises.

This is my first gym day after months training via bodyweight exercises.

An email from pops through my notifications:

Chioma – As If You Needed More Proof to Show You’re Awesome, Gal

  • You hit a personal best with four calf exercises throughout the week.
  • Your four calf exercises from this week are more than your three-month weekly average.
  • You did two hamstring exercises this week. Oh yeah!
  • Three sets, hell yeah! You totaled those lower back sets across one exercise

My first week at a gym setting and I can feel the same soreness from lifting weights from my gym classes in high school. I spent most of 2014 doing body-weight exercises and lost more than 25 pounds with the help from my personal trainer. I was far from my home gym in Jersey and had no choice but use my 3-day trial card from New York Sports Club since I don’t feel like travelling for an hour to do my leg day. You really CAN’T afford to miss a leg day if you are doing split training. Honestly, I hate winter and trying my best to workout more in the cold will take its time. I am striving to improve my body’s aesthetics and weight training is the way to go from my books. I really enjoy talking with the staff members and gym goers from the gyms I visited in New York City and one thing that people keep asking me, “What are you competing for?”

Sometimes I scoffed at this question with a sidetrack remark of how much weight I lost. The question replays itself with other people that asked me the same thing. No one doesn’t want to believe I was 30 pounds heavier a year ago. They see a kid with a decent physique that wants to get in some tip top shape for something. It hits me,should I actually compete? The managers at New York Sports Club recently got a personal trainer that was a IFBB Bikini Pro Competitor and would love for me to meet her in hopes of competing. At first, I thought it was for an article for and I again come in with the sidetrack dialogue of how I lost weight and so on. I was asked again, but on a serious note. “You should try to compete this year, you should talk to her on Wednesday and see what you have to do.” Not to toot my own horn, but I generally gain muscle as fast as I can gain weight.

I am somewhat dumbfounded. I never really plan on actually working my way to compete for something yet. I was thinking Tough Mudder, but that’s really it. Then it hits me, after my 12-week Muscle Building Trainer with Kris Gethin, I might just pick something. Could be a bodybuilding competition or even my first CrossFit Games. Working on my gains then give me a few weeks to figure it out! Strength Training and Weight Training is actually not exactly the same thing.

What are your thoughts about training for a competition?  Have you ever had the thoughts of doing them and if so what? Have you ever competed before? Submit your comments below!


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