What to do if help isn’t in your dictionary?

You are a go getter that everyone seems to admire from all walks of life. A creative, a PR manager, CEO, doesn’t matter. Day in, you tend to the calls of all that summons your expertise, sometimes they underpay for your services, sometimes you helped them out of courtesy of your good heart. You know that you will eventually make it and hopefully karma would be on your side. Most likely, you got the best experiences under your belt, worked with a few top people in their game and spent countless hours on your craft. Priding yourself for doing this, you had anti-social moments. Within these anti-social moments you are considered a superhero, nobody knows the real you.

However, little that people know, you have a weakness or two. Whether its kryptonite, family issues, or a shaky past, you reminisce on these things far away from the people who adore you. Sometimes you help more people than you should, some of which are only around you for the wrong reasons. Selfish, greedy and parasitic, they know how much of a hero you can be and they want all they can get from you, leaving others that really do what to be around you, the short end of the stick. Sometimes you are left angry, perhaps more lethargic and rude.  As a result, you are starting to crumble, your health and passion especially and you, the superhero can’t fix this one on your own.  You need help.

It took a while for me to get to the point here, but sometimes in life, it’s totally fine to ask for help. Even some of our beloved celebrity stars did so. I mean, why you think we all love Lady Gaga so much since calls us “Little Monsters”; she connects with her fans on a personal level and she too has hit a plateau throughout her career. Tony Bennett was a help and so were her fans. ­­­­­­­You may not realize, but eventually you will hit a very low point in your life, one hell of an iceberg obstacle and it’s up to you to figure out your outcome. Here are a few tips when you reach this point.

  • Write out things that you are passionate about. (No Netflix, sorry.)
  • Write out the things that you are most grateful for (Gratitude is proven to be one of the keys of happiness.)
  • Write out your strengths and weaknesses. (Wait for it.)
  • Write out the five people in your circle.
  • When you see the patterns of items 1-4 and what needs to be changed, circle them.
  • Replace the circles with goals and people that you want to have around you.
  • Go for it. (The answer is making the effort to go for what you deserve.)

For example, if your friend Kevin makes you feel like a dummy and you want to improve on your presentation skills, spend more time developing potential solutions to that skillset and replace Kevin with a supportive person in your circle. If you have a problem getting your temper down and Roy has a love/hate relationship with you, but you know you need to calm down, drop Roy and spend more time exploring ways to relax. You may not be ready to let go of people you are “supposedly­­” close to, but look at the list from #1-#4 over and over again until it makes sense.

Never be afraid to ask for help.

Question of the Day: Do you think that people may influence your passions? Share your thoughts here.

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