Environment is stronger than will-power

Another leg day at the gym and I am sure that the offset pain delay will kick in within two days from now. Not bad doing hack squats of 270 pounds for 3 sets and 12 reps each, but I always can’t wait to pistol squats soon. So, I been watching all those calisthenics videos on the internet and I became a bit obsessed with pull-ups lately, even though I am doing the Kris Gethin 12 Week Muscle builder and I don’t want to overload my body until I am done with the program. I been working out at Colosseum Gym in New Jersey because its closer to home and I know some of the people there since I was in High School. Got six more weeks until I will focus more on Circuit Training and strength building and really see how much I can truly push myself to not only get the physical results, but mentally can endure anything thrown at me.

Ok, so I like quotes, lyrics and analogies, they are things that would always resonate with me no matter what. The title of this blog came from a yogi guru named Paramahansa Yogananda and took a while for me to think of this blog post, but sometimes its your environment that alot more powerful than you think. If it wasn’t for my personal trainer, I would never consider losing more weight than I expected, consider writing this blog to you today and venturing more into fitness and wellness. If it wasn’t for my best friend, I would never consider doing fashion photographer or photoshoots, only to discover its in my family history. I still have lots of travelling, personal growth, career goals to grow in mind, but hopefully my hit list can motivate me to do better and become better.  Going to show you something cool, ever heard of Jack Canfield?  Yes, you have, he is the guy that wrote all those Chicken Soup for the Soul books when our teenager years had a void of real shit that talks to us directly. 

Come to think of it, from talking to some old school guys at the gym today, you can’t  help to figure why some people are hotter, smarter, financially set, better version than you and just sit there hoping that’s you one day. One of the guys I worked out with mentioned that,

If you really want to start doing muscle-ups, try to get at least 25 pullups  great pullups and you be set. Want to be a barstar? I can tell.”

Long story short, I put myself out there at times and it really does make a difference. The will-power/self-discipline is really part of a bigger picture of everything around you, your environment. I may not have the strength to do awesome tricks like those guys from Baristi or Bar Brothers, I may not be a trainer, I may not be at the peak of my media career yet, but if I want some of the wishful thinking to go away, my environment needs to change constantly and who knows. 

Here is a list of environments Mr. Canfield mentions:

So as not to overwhelm yourself, start by picking three of the nine environments to actively change or modify, and once you see some results, work out from there. You will eventually discover that changing any one environment will begin to affect all of the other environments.

Here are the Nine Environments:



 Self / Intangibles







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