The Concept of F.I.T. is a fitness lifestyle blog dedicated in providing a holistic approach to fitness and health with the combination of storytelling, whether from our discoveries from our fitness journeys to inspirational people, innovative products/events and the arts. We strongly feel that everyone has a story to tell and perhaps a journey yet to be unraveled. Relying on social media takes alot of our time with listless information that usually demotivates you. Let’s change that.

So tell us, what is your Concept of F.I.T.?

About Chioma Ozuzu

Chioma Ozuzu

“I am a creative. Sometimes the first thing I remember about a person is the story they tell. I have a bucket list of things I want to knock down. Fitness helps me to become more creative.”


I’m Chioma Ozuzu and I’m simply just an eccentric action flick and fitness aficionado who happens to be a photographer.  I try to make time for my fitness when I can. I hope to create a community of fit minded people who are also creative and/or artists.

I always had an active life in sports since I was 15, but mentally I wasn’t the most confident until  I started getting into media production, which provided me balance. After stop doing sports and dealing with depression of losing my grandparents, both my health and creativity took a toll.

It wasn’t until I started exercising again that fitness enhanced my creativity and happiness.  I personally believe that everyone has an amazing tale to share and hopefully through the power of fitness, you too can not only share your story, but make your story even more incredible.

Like you, I pull inspiration from my fitness experiences through watching Youtube videos pulling off awesome beast bodyweight skills, martial arts movie flicks and other sources in the internet. Dragonball Z is somehow the only anime I can think of that I watched all the episodes.

My concept of fit (fitness in transformation) is Perseverance. No matter how many times life throws me off a tangent of disappointment, difficulties and obstacles, I seem to rebound from it and hopefully you can do the same thing too. Fitness should be personable and infectious source of happiness. You deserve to be happy, creative and healthy. Here’s to this philosophy!

Had to do this if you want to see some tidbits of my photography: www.chiomaozuzu.com


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