Hit List

Because some of us wants to do epic stuff in life.

Epic Quest of Adventure List: Chioma Ozuzu

Inspired by Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest of Adventure List

(Note: Subject to change, nahh, I just add more to this list as things go on.)

Personal Level up Goals (Including Body)

• Become a DJ for an event
• Learn how to dance to Nigerian Music
• Learn how to dance to Hip Hop Music
• Visit all 7 continents
• Fly completely around the world (in one direction)
• Pay off all of my student loans
• Overcome my speech impediment
• Build an eye grabbing butt 🙂
• Get a 6-pack
• Get Lasix Eye Surgery
• Become fashion-savvy
• Become beauty-savvy
• Get a bull’s-eye with bow and arrow
• Get ten phone numbers in a night (could be business you know, lol)
• Mediate everyday
• Get a driver’s license
• Start a moshpit and shoot it
• Start a crowd wave of over 500 people


Rock star Goals

• Perform in front of stage of at least 500 people
• Become a photographer for a band
• Become a band photographer for a superstar
• Write and record an original song
• Learn to play “Jai Ho” on the guitar
• Learn to play “You got it Bad solo” on the guitar
• Get all access to at least 5 major events
• Sit at a piano in a public place, start playing “Piano Man” (piano), and have the crowd singing along by the end.
• Do Self Portrait Photo-shoot
• Join a band on stage for one song in a Bar (guitar)
• Shoot with a celebrity for an editorial photo-shoot
• Meet Priyanka Chopra
• Meet Kris Gethin
• Meet Hrithik Roshan
• Give a TED Talk
• Party with a huge band


Business Goals 

• Make a full-time living at The Concept of F.I.T.
• Become a published author
• Get a film or documentary into a major film festival such as Sundance
• Interview Cornelia Ritkze
• Interview Kali Muscle
• Interview Lazar Novovic
• Interview Terry Crews
• Hold a Kickstarter to raise money for a project
• Start a charity that raises at least $500,000
• Create a video on YouTube that has 500,000 views
• Have my own clothing line
• Have 10,000 subscribers on TCOF
• Have 20,000 subscribers on TCOF
• Have 25,000 subscribers on TCOF
• Get a million visits to the site in one month
• Make money from online videos
• Become a sponsored athlete for a season
• Hold a photo exhibit
• Become a well-booked photographer
• Get into an agency


Multimedia Goals

• Get crazy with After Effects
• Learn DaVinci Resolve
• Learn Avid
• Learn how to retouch photos professionally
• Get Adobe Certified
• Invest $50,000 in multimedia equipment


Travel Goals

• Travel to India
• Travel to the United Kingdom
• Travel to Ireland
• Travel to Brazil
• Travel to Thailand
• Travel to South Africa
• Travel to Japan
• Travel to Australia
• Travel to France
• Travel to Spain
• Travel to Germany
• Travel to the Netherlands


Ninja/Agent Goals

• Become conversational in a second language
• Become conversational in a third language
• Become conversational in a fourth language
• Obtain dual citizenship
• Learn how to use a samurai sword
• Take a Krav Maga course and become proficient
• Pass a civilian firearms training course
• Pass a SWAT class
• Learn how to swim
• Do a backflip
• Jump over a car
• Learn a martial arts
• Do Parkour


Strength Training/Fitness Goals

• Compete in Tough Mudder
• Compete in Iron Man Competition
• Compete in Spartan Race
• Complete an obstacle course
• Try out for Ninja Warrior
• Complete a Kris Gethin Bodybuilding.com plan
• Do a handstand
• Do 10 handstand push ups against the wall
• Hold a freestanding handstand for 60 seconds
• Do 5 handstand push ups freestanding
• Do a pistol squat with each leg
• Do 10 pistol squats with each leg
• Do 10 one-arm push ups with each arm
• Do one-arm pullup
• Do one-arm chin up
• Do a muscle up
• Do 5 consecutive strict muscle ups
• Hold a wide leg planche for 10 seconds
• Hold a front lever for 10 seconds
• Hold a back lever for 10 seconds
• Deadlift 300 lbs once
• Do 10 pull ups with 45 pounds of additional weight
• Do a human flag
• Break a board with my hands
• Do 10 consecutive windmills in a breakdance circle
• Do a cartwheel


Master Missions

• SkyDive
• Get on the Victoria Secret Runaway and pose with a Victoria Secret Model
• Buy land and retire in a tropical island
• Be interviewed for a show
• Get photographed walking down the red carpets at some dope event
• Fall in Love (this time for real)