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Rebel Ballet: How Pop Music is reinventing the dance

I always thought of Ballet as something you see associated with affluent, preppy and pompous members of society over gymnastics. Although I find the complexity of the dance form incredible, it wasn’t something I can relate to as a creative person. What usually grab my attention are unconventional, iconoclast and breath-taking physical movements and people. From chopping boards in martial arts to scoring impressive far away shots in both soccer and basketball, I am automatically drawn to the technicalities and effort of what athletes can do. However, I was proven wrong about ballet recently, thanks to a few game changers, especially in pop music.

If you heard Sia’s hit song Chandelier, you are drawn to Sia’s incredible vocal performance and can relate to the melancholic theme of the “party girl”. However, the dance performance of twelve year old dancer, Maggie Ziegler made the music video what it is, while wearing the iconic blonde Sia wig.  Directed by both Sia and Daniel Askill and choreographed by Ryan Heffington, Ziegler’s flexibility and athleticism complemented with her uncanny facial expressions and movement.

Sia writes:

“I like the whole dance. It was really different and weird for me, because I usually don’t, you know, be a crazy person every time. It was so fun to do and it was really out of the box and it expanded me a lot, because I’m used to competition dances where you’re like, ‘Point your legs!’ But this time it was like, you just need to let go and feel it.”

For a talented young dancer vividly expresses the actual meaning behind the video, she continues to blow us away with Sia’s latest video “Elastic Heart”.

Going back to my adoration of unconventional, iconoclast and breath-taking movements and people, recently ballet has become in the spotlight, thanks to Ukrainian ballet prodigy, Sergei Polunin who was featured in David LaChappelle’s music video remake of the international hit, “Take Me to Church” by the band Hozier.  The soulful and bluesy song (not to mention powerfully known as the anti-gay oppression anthem) accompanied   Polunin’s raw and explosive ballet performance and was choreographed by Jaade Hale-Christofi.

Polunin destroys the conventionality of the typical ballet dancer as he graciously dances through a sun-light building with black tattoos noticeably inked across his body. As he spends more time in the air than the ground with his jaw-dropping spins and kicks, his skill and artistry during his video in combination of the video’s illuminated environment expresses freedom over incarceration and fear that society allows. All in all, I strongly believe that the body is one of the most creative aspects of art because of movement, especially dance. Just because ballet has been done a certain protocol for decades, creativity is constantly transforming, whether we are ready or not.

Terry Crews (back again on reddit). AMA!

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Still trying to start your new year’s resolution: Terry Crews got you covered:

Yes. It has to feel good. I tell people this a lot – go to the gym, and just sit there, and read a magazine, and then go home. And do this every day.
Go to the gym, don’t even work out. Just GO. Because the habit of going to the gym is more important than the work out. Because it doesn’t matter what you do. You can have fun – but as long as you’re having fun, you continue to do it.
But what happens is you get a trainer, your whole body is sore, you can’t feel your legs, and you’re not coming back the next day – you might not come back for a year!
I worked my way up to 2 hours a day. I ENJOY my workouts. They are my peace, my joy – I get my whole head together! I value that time more than my shower! And it really gets me together. But it’s a habit.
There are times when – I’m not even kidding – there are times when I”m in the middle of a work out, and actually woke up because i am so engrained with going to the gym and being there – it’s that much of a habit to me. The first thing I do in the morning is work out – I lay out my workout clothes the night before, and just hop in ’em.
So lay out your clothes, and go to the gym, and relax.
But sooner or later, you WILL work out.”

How my grandfather inspired my creativity

The guy in the middle was my grandpa from my dad’s side. I always thought he was too cool for his age and I learned why. He made a killing in his photography, bought a motorcycle and traveled to different Nigerian villages and townships in the early 50s, taking and printing photographs. At that time, Nigeria was undergoing some brutal forms of control by the British and unity wasn’t at all there among the different tribes. The funny thing, I always told my younger brother, who aspires to be a car designer is that grandpa also owned his own taxi business and would fix cars from scratch.

From this image and my memory of him, I can honestly say that sometimes you are born to do the things you do, even if you can’t explain why. I’m just a nerd who loves creating things and having adventures along my way, but looking back, I guess history does repeat myself. And no, I have no clue how to ride a motorcycle or train African grey parrots to talk. But hopefully I too can put my unique spin on things and teach others the same, since he was originally an English teacher. Let things happen organically for it’s meant to happen.

I am a creative.  Sometimes the first thing I remember about a person is the story they tell. I have a bucket list. Fitness helps me to become more creative.

Question of the Day: 

What stories helped shape your passion for fitness or creativity?

Featuring some answers in next’s week post.

Until then, The Concept of F.I.T. is your progress.

How a Bollywood film gave me a perspective on self- improvement

I always had a fond interest in foreign works of art, especially film and television. I graduated from college with a BA in International Studies and a minor in Film Studies. I was one of those movie buffs who often watch something with subtitles to preserve the original language because I believe that it maintains the raw emotion of the characters. Moving forward into Bollywood films, both of my advisers were of Indian descent and those Bollywood film assignments I had to do in college, eventually became an enjoyable hobby of mine.

I know it sounds super cheesy to say (Note: Maybe because I am not Indian and still get kicks every time the dance number in the films comes in?) It took a Bollywood film to really appreciate the power of self-improvement, even though the movie is more about revenge. I watched a Bollywood film called Agneepath staring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra on a flight returning from Los Angeles. I was hooked with both characters since they did awesome on their on-screen performance. Even better, I also love their off-screen stories, their real-life biographies.

Priyanka and I are similar in many ways, except the fact that she is an incredibly gorgeous model, actress and singer. We both are Cancers Zodiac signs and both of us had rough childhood dealing with being bullied by her peers. Priyanka once said, “I was a gawky kid, had low self-esteem, came from a modest middle-class background, had white marks on my legs … But I was damn hard working. Today, my legs sell 12 brands.”

The fact that she has no form of a film background, she is on the real, the quintessential self-made superstar. She is currently the leading lady in Bollywood because of her versatility in portraying a range of unconventional characters, from a serial killer in the 2011 neo-noir, 7 Khoon Maaf, an autistic woman in the 2012 romantic comedy Barfi! to a boxer in the 2014 biographical sports drama Mary Kom. Hrithik Roshan may have a strong family history film background since his father and grandfather are both film directors, but he is no different.

Like me, Roshan also suffers from a childhood difficulty due to a speech disorder called stammering (I have cluttering, which is different). The people affected with speech disorders lived through a nightmare of self-doubt, loneliness and anguish. “For oral tests at school, I used to bunk school, I used to fall sick, I used to break my hand, and I used to get a sprain.” Not to mention, living the Hollywood lifestyle only made matters worse when he packed on a lot of weight and smoked three packs of cigarettes at one point of his life.

With the help of personal trainer superstar, Kris Gethin who also the former editor-in-chief for, got Hrithik in amazing shape for his movie Krrish and was named the sexiest Asian man alive for two years in a row. Roshan vows to raise health awareness in India. He later became a major benefactor at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai to inaugurate the hospital’s audio and speech therapy wing. I never forgot Roshan’s words from the stammering article I read:

“When I met my doctor who treated me at age 14 for stammering, I could barely control my emotions. It’s not easy to be a special child.’ “….I got over it, so will you. I think it is very important for me to convey this message far and wide and I want to do it more often.”

You have to admit that inspiration isn’t something that is inherited, but something that once found, can really put an impact in your life in order to do great things. For years, the combination of my own personal issues with my speech impediment had an impact on my life and underwent anger and resentment. I felt unimportant, insignificant, “the background” character and etc. There are times I put others first before my own needs and often this does more harm than good.

I can go on about my life in this article, but I learned that if I want something bad enough, these obstacles are created to make you stronger as a person. You have to earn what you deserve, even though you do not deserve the adversaries life throw at you. Though fitness, I learned so much about myself that I am no different from a celebrity, you simply deserve the best life and anyone that says otherwise, shouldn’t stick around. Who knows Bollywood can teach you a lot once you get past those lovey dovey characters and dance numbers?

Enjoy this dance number (You had it coming!)

What Everybody Ought to Know About Arthur Boorman

Sometimes in life we awe at those with features we wished we had. Money. Six-Pack Abs. Fancy things. Worse, we have wishful thinking that awesome can happen for ourselves; accepting things as the way they are. Our mind is the most powerful part of our body, the most complex. When we set a goal, your brain can hurt your goals by fantasizing too much.

 “Summed up perfectly in the many observations of the “Scumbag Brain” meme, our brain does seem to engage in “sabotage” in terms of how it naturally reacts to situations.”

Scumbag Brain Meme

                                       Scumbag Brain Meme

Sounds like you, huh?

Since this is a blog that talks mostly about fitness and motivation, the mind can make or break what you want to look like. I admit that getting out there to lose weight and find ways to start is the most difficult part. Often, you stuck in accepting you either won’t lose the weight and/or things will never change.  The funny thing about the human body, we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for. We are capable of healing ourselves with the right foods. We are capable to overcome great circumstances and most importantly survive.

We introduce you the topic of our blog post. Arthur Boorman.

Who is he, you may ask? He was an overweight, disabled veteran who was told by countless doctors that he would never be able to walk again. Against all odds, with great help from Diamond Dallas Page for Yoga, not only he lost a lot of weight, but regained his ability to walk.  Stay persistent in the progress of your goals instead of fantasizing them and you achieve more than you can imagine. Had a day you fucked up, so what, keep going. Watch this video and get ready to feel inspired.

Hopefully this story can inspire you to follow your dreams – whatever they may be.
Anything is Possible!

Question of the day: What are some of your fears and what stops you from getting over them? Comment here below and we will post our answers the following week.

Until Then, The Concept of F.I.T. is your story.

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Nerd Fitness and Resetting the Game of Life: Steve Kamb at TEDxEmory 2012

Excerpt from TED:

Steve Kamb is the creator and leader of, a fitness community dedicated to helping average Joes and desk jockeys live healthier lives. In just under three years, Steve has taken Nerd Fitness from a simple one-man blog and developed it into a passionate “rebellion” of over 15,000 loyal members.

Since early 2009, Steve has applied the most addicting and enjoyable aspects of video game culture to leveling up in real life, culminating in his worldwide Epic Quest of Awesome. While running his business from a laptop, Steve has explored the ruins of Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat, dived with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, flew a stunt plane in New Zealand, hiked the Great Wall of China, lived like James Bond in Monte Carlo, tracked animals in South Africa, and guest lectured at Facebook and Google.

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Why Lars Andersen puts Hunger Games to shame in Archery

Since this video was released, Lars has studied and practiced for over a decade and he is now able to fire three arrows in 0.6 seconds– a truly stunning feat making him much faster than the legendary fictional archer Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings movies) and also Katniss from Hunger Games.

“For thousands of years, the bow and arrow was used for war. Those days are long gone, and most people today only know of archery through TV and movies.” -Lars Andersen

Better viewed than discussed, check out the video here and be amused!

For more info on Lars Andersen, check out his Youtube Channel: