Fitness Starts With A Journey.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to start on something you have no complete knowledge in. The internet has so much information on just about anything, you can be just about anything at this day of age. A blogger. A Photographer. A personal trainer. I get it, not another fitness blog where I go through some extreme weight transformation and wanted to charge you a program in what I did to get to my shape today. I’m still considering trying the Paleo Diet, though I do have to admit that I tend to be the frugal type and save money when I can. If one thing I have in common with all those fitness/wellness/health blogs is the journey that got us doing what we do. According to ACE (American Council of Exercise) people who regularly work out not weigh less dramatically “reduce their risks  for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, relieves pain from arthritis, is more effective than medications for treatment of depression, and builds strong bones.” Basically, your life is more awesome for a longer time. This is where I start my journey part of the introduction of my blog. I was a recent college graduate who was pushing to get all I can get in the Entertainment/Media world.

I did okay for someone my age, especially opportunities with the Maury Show and American Idol. I work with a Wire Service company and shot celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and Russell Simmons. However, I mentally thought I should ought to be in better shape since I meet important people often. The truth is that I work hard, but because of my constant struggles of my self image(I was very thin and sickly when I was younger and gained alot after college) and ADHD, I felt that I deserve to enjoy my life by being in the best shape I can be possibly be. I want to be like The Bride from Kill Bill or Kate Beckinsale from Underworld or even Hit Girl from Kick Ass. Super. Freaking. Fit. 2013 was a wakeup call that shook my world forever and prompt me in getting in better shape. I lost both of my grandparents and my mom suffered greatly with her physical health. My grandmother died at 73 due to diabetes and the worse part about it is that not only she raised me, but I had no clue that this was in the family. She looked really incredibly young and I felt that if there is something now I can fight hard for is to encourage others that life should be maximized and fitness is a strong foundation to a better life.

Oh, and my grandmother’s name is Charity, ironic no? I am blessed to have a Circuit Training personal trainer for almost five months that gave me a huge push in starting this blog. Not to mention, I am interning with a top Yoga instructor. So What is the Concept of F.I.T.? Another fitness blog? You betcha, but I promise you get interesting reads on things I think its worth your time and hopefully you can go on your fitness journey, whether if you a newbie in health or someone wayyy more experienced than me, but still love learning something new. So I bring you, The Concept of F.I.T. (Fitness in Transformation)   Source: