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  5. Bar Brothers (Facebook)
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Theresa P. Armstrong (My personal trainer and mentor who  got me into fitness when I least expected it. Always admired her strength, success, and her amazingly humble personality and her devoted relationship with God.)

Marie Flounoy (Writing Mentor, Life Coach and Best Friend who never gave up on me, despite all the amazing, yet wacky adventures of our lives)


Colosseum Gym

Something About Calisthenics



I train with Circuit Training, Calisthenics, and Yoga, with a hint of gym. It’s like I see my body as not only a cooking pot of different forms of exercise in achieving my results, but why not make the gym anywhere I go?  Hell, I might be the crazy lady who would do pull-ups on the NYC subway trains or jump squats for my 5 minute break at my job. I will write a brief tidbits post on the mini difference between Calisthenics and Circuit Training, shortly. From what I know, though both don’t really use equipment to do the exercises prescribed, Calisthenics focuses more on achieving goals increasing your muscular endurance to perform more reps, increase your strength, increase your flexibility, and raising your metabolic rate for you to burn more calories. It goes very hand to hand to other fitness programs such as weight training, CrossFit, and Martial Arts. This form of exercise is also associated with Street Workouts, Bar Competitions, and my favorite, the Bar Brothers of Facebook with Lazar Novovic. Long story short, I just wanna do a lot of pullups, my first dragon flag, and muscles up and Frank Medrano and Lazar Novovic (Honorable Mention: Cornelia Ritzke) seems to be the first person in mind when I think of Calisthenics. The concept of pushing your body to achieve unspeakable strength, there’s something about Calisthenics that calls to me. DARE TO BEAT AVERAGE!

Here is a quick video to the introduction of Calisthenics by Frank Medrano, Enjoy: