The benefits of coconut water

Endorsed by celebrities, fitness personals and commercials, coconut water has made a huge impact on the American food supply demands due to its health benefit claims. Coconut water is low in calories, fat, cholesterol free and has more potassium than four bananas, in addition of being super hydrating. From hangover fixes to ailments in kidney stones, is coconut water is just hype or the next big thing with all of its promises? Naturally refreshing clear liquid from the young green coconuts, coconut water has a sweet nutty taste and contains plenty of electrolytes. They are not to be confused with coconut milk, which are high in fat and derived from older coconuts.
Getting the right balance of electrolytes could replenish your energy, help lower your blood pressure and help rebuild lean muscle, for those who often work out. Compared to sugary drinks such as soda, sport drinks and fruit juices, coconut water have much less sugar and can be a better alternative for children.  As for the adults who consume alcohol, coconut water helps settle the stomach and replace essential when experiencing frequent vomiting and urination.  No one likes to wake up with nasty headaches.
“Unlike any other beverage on the market, coconut water contains five essential electrolytes that are present in the human body. These include: calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. Because of its unique composition, coconut water can be enjoyed by individuals with varying medical conditions.” according to Lifehack. In addition, coconut oil has been featured in many hair and beauty products such as facial creams, lotions and shampoos. For those with facial imperfections such as acne and blemishes, coconut water has the ability to clear up and successively tone the skin. It can eliminate large amounts of oil in the skin and provides a good source of moisture, when consumed orally.

According to Dr. Oz, here are some great tips in choosing the right coconut water:

  1. Check labels to make sure there are no added sugars
  2. Choose plain, unflavored coconut water
  3. Make sure it has no more than 50 calories per serving
  4. Limit yourself to two servings a day
  5. Drink it in the morning for some extra energy or to rehydrate you after a long night’s sleep
  6. Drink it in the afternoon to get you out of a slump or after working out to replenish lost electrolytes
  7. Talk about a hype worthy to stick around for the long run.

coconut water