Circuit Training Beginnings

Example of Circuit Training.

Example of Circuit Training.

Some people go to the gym to blast fat (I personally think the gym is great if you go with dedicated people you can seek advice on certain exercise programs such as performing pull-ups) . Some people go on fad diets to shed off weight fast. And some unfortunate people take annoying fad diet pills and do weight loss surgery (the consequences to these methods are much higher, especially in gaining the weight back). For me, my first step in getting my life in order was Circuit Training, believe it or not. I occasionally went back to the gym for a month due to cold weather and boxing classes, but yes,Circuit Training got me going. I may not have my trophy abs, but I’m doing this without any help of supplements (Did tried Women’s ripped pack from GNC for 1.5 months)or fad diets (I did tried Paleo, but I still lost weight even with wheat bread and Greek Yogurt). Besides having the most amazing trainer, what is really made circuit training effective for me is the fact its is the combination of resistance training and High Intensity Interval Training/Aerobics to not only shred fat, but also build and tone muscles.

But here is the trick in Circuit Training, you are assigned to do prescribed exercises in a “circuit”, before starting all over again. For example, 15x reps of the following in order: Modified Pushups, Dips, Jump Squats, Walking Lunges, Bicycle Crunches and Leg Lifts.Try to hit as many Circuits within a given time frame. BTW, you are not really allowed to break during the circuits, especially if you need to grab water. Wait for your throat to get parched before taking a swig of water (DON’T drink alot or you will feel your stomach turn against you).  And yes, you get at least a minute (1) break before going to the next circuits. I was told that Circuit Training is the most effective weight lost regimen for women and with a near perfect diet (REMEMBER: 75%-80% of the effort is due to diet. Honestly, having a personal trainer, whether via online, Youtube, and/or personal trainer, will help you get to your goals faster than solely doing it by yourself. You will struggle with jumping lunges or any plyometric exercise at first, but if you give yourself at least 3x a week in doing this exercise, you will see the results much faster. 1 month to see the changes, 2 months for family and friends to recognize the changes, for the 3 months to see a significant change. So what are you waiting for, drop and give me….a circuit! 

How F.I.T. Do Ya Really Want it?

Keep going, you got one life.

Keep going, you got one life.

So there are many ways to get in shape, whether you want to fit into your old clothes when you were slimmer to literally being in the best shape of your life, and even more. The truth of the matter is what exactly do you see your ideal body? Do you see yourself doing handstands in Yoga? Bench Press over 150 lbs and/or stacks 45lb plates on each side from the already heavy 45lbs press bar? The typical, “I just wanna look good before the summer hits” phrase? All these wonderful goals do have one thing in common, what exactly do you want to get out of a fitness program and is it enjoyable to stick to it in the long run? You have to ask yourself these questions. “What do I want to accomplish?” “Do you want to lose weight and gain muscle? Are you ready to go through the pain and change your diet to get there? How fast and strong will I take my body?

There are absolutely so many fitness programs to think of, its endless. Yoga, Circuit training, Calisthenics, Weight-Lifting, Martial Arts, and general sports are categories we are gonna to focus on this blog since I am currently training on the first 5 I listed. However, you never know, I might be a golf player and call it a day. You can train with a personal trainer (interview soon with mine), train at your very own home, or find a group of people to motivate you to go a gym since science proves that you get to your ideal goal more significantly with a group of people. Spend some money on buying the essentials first so not only you deck out your gym with gear, but motivates you to stay on that mindset in some way. Invest in a good pair of running and/or walking shoes, dumbbells, gym clothes, exercise mat, and a water bottle/gym bag. Other than that, be ready, you got one life.


What happens when you start to work out? (Part 1:The Brain)


We all know that the more you exercise, you eventually get those hard core abs that you see among your favorite athletes, celebrities, and models. But you are also aware that the “no pain, no gain” mantra is as real as it gets. Your face becomes red and hot, the endless perspiration soaking through your workout tanktop or shirt, and the not so fun part of the soreness in your muscles (since work and other stuff made us more sedentary than our ancestors) But wait,there’s more! (Ron Popeil’s line) As you start to exercise, your heart rate gets really high and you are out of breath. That’s okay, its just your body is responding and its gets better over time as you start to exercise. The muscles are getting damaged (let me finish) so you can develop bigger and badder muscles. Work at it more, and those veins will roar every time you flex those bad boys. In order for all the physical goodies of exercise to come out, you have to make sure your brain is on point. 

Though it counts for 2% to 3% of our body weight, the brain takes in 1/4 of oxygen, 70% of glucose and 25% of nutrients. Yeah, your thinking cap takes in a lot of power and remember, diet is 70% of the work and exercise is 30% of the work you put in to get in shape. Once you tap in the power and the beauty of proper nutrition (eat lots of brain food), you are gonna just rock.According to Dr. Carly Stewart, Medical Expert at (Money Crashers Personal Finance) “Exercise improves oxygen flow to the brain. It also helps the body release hormones that assist in brain cell growth. Additionally, it helps the brain with both learning and memory capabilities.” Basically, when you start to exercise more, you feel great because you are adding more oxygen to your brain, which helps you to do more basic tasks better. You wont get as tired hitting the stairs and your focus will increase. You significantly lower chances of getting many diseases in the long run and you get the euphoric vibes of accomplishment.

Truthfully, your brain will transform much faster than the body, but in reality, when you find the workouts of your choice and the best diet for you, you will get in the shape and beyond. It takes one month to start seeing changes, two months for family to see results and three months to transform. You got this.