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Epic Quest of Adventure List: Chioma Ozuzu

Inspired by Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest of Adventure List

(Note: Subject to change, nahh, I just add more to this list as things go on.)

Personal Level up Goals (Including Body)

• Become a DJ for an event
• Learn how to dance to Nigerian Music
• Learn how to dance to Hip Hop Music
• Visit all 7 continents
• Fly completely around the world (in one direction)
• Pay off all of my student loans
• Overcome my speech impediment
• Build an eye grabbing butt 🙂
• Get a 6-pack
• Get Lasix Eye Surgery
• Become fashion-savvy
• Become beauty-savvy
• Get a bull’s-eye with bow and arrow
• Get ten phone numbers in a night (could be business you know, lol)
• Mediate everyday
• Get a driver’s license
• Start a moshpit and shoot it
• Start a crowd wave of over 500 people


Rock star Goals

• Perform in front of stage of at least 500 people
• Become a photographer for a band
• Become a band photographer for a superstar
• Write and record an original song
• Learn to play “Jai Ho” on the guitar
• Learn to play “You got it Bad solo” on the guitar
• Get all access to at least 5 major events
• Sit at a piano in a public place, start playing “Piano Man” (piano), and have the crowd singing along by the end.
• Do Self Portrait Photo-shoot
• Join a band on stage for one song in a Bar (guitar)
• Shoot with a celebrity for an editorial photo-shoot
• Meet Priyanka Chopra
• Meet Kris Gethin
• Meet Hrithik Roshan
• Give a TED Talk
• Party with a huge band


Business Goals 

• Make a full-time living at The Concept of F.I.T.
• Become a published author
• Get a film or documentary into a major film festival such as Sundance
• Interview Cornelia Ritkze
• Interview Kali Muscle
• Interview Lazar Novovic
• Interview Terry Crews
• Hold a Kickstarter to raise money for a project
• Start a charity that raises at least $500,000
• Create a video on YouTube that has 500,000 views
• Have my own clothing line
• Have 10,000 subscribers on TCOF
• Have 20,000 subscribers on TCOF
• Have 25,000 subscribers on TCOF
• Get a million visits to the site in one month
• Make money from online videos
• Become a sponsored athlete for a season
• Hold a photo exhibit
• Become a well-booked photographer
• Get into an agency


Multimedia Goals

• Get crazy with After Effects
• Learn DaVinci Resolve
• Learn Avid
• Learn how to retouch photos professionally
• Get Adobe Certified
• Invest $50,000 in multimedia equipment


Travel Goals

• Travel to India
• Travel to the United Kingdom
• Travel to Ireland
• Travel to Brazil
• Travel to Thailand
• Travel to South Africa
• Travel to Japan
• Travel to Australia
• Travel to France
• Travel to Spain
• Travel to Germany
• Travel to the Netherlands


Ninja/Agent Goals

• Become conversational in a second language
• Become conversational in a third language
• Become conversational in a fourth language
• Obtain dual citizenship
• Learn how to use a samurai sword
• Take a Krav Maga course and become proficient
• Pass a civilian firearms training course
• Pass a SWAT class
• Learn how to swim
• Do a backflip
• Jump over a car
• Learn a martial arts
• Do Parkour


Strength Training/Fitness Goals

• Compete in Tough Mudder
• Compete in Iron Man Competition
• Compete in Spartan Race
• Complete an obstacle course
• Try out for Ninja Warrior
• Complete a Kris Gethin plan
• Do a handstand
• Do 10 handstand push ups against the wall
• Hold a freestanding handstand for 60 seconds
• Do 5 handstand push ups freestanding
• Do a pistol squat with each leg
• Do 10 pistol squats with each leg
• Do 10 one-arm push ups with each arm
• Do one-arm pullup
• Do one-arm chin up
• Do a muscle up
• Do 5 consecutive strict muscle ups
• Hold a wide leg planche for 10 seconds
• Hold a front lever for 10 seconds
• Hold a back lever for 10 seconds
• Deadlift 300 lbs once
• Do 10 pull ups with 45 pounds of additional weight
• Do a human flag
• Break a board with my hands
• Do 10 consecutive windmills in a breakdance circle
• Do a cartwheel


Master Missions

• SkyDive
• Get on the Victoria Secret Runaway and pose with a Victoria Secret Model
• Buy land and retire in a tropical island
• Be interviewed for a show
• Get photographed walking down the red carpets at some dope event
• Fall in Love (this time for real)



How F.I.T. Do Ya Really Want it?

Keep going, you got one life.

Keep going, you got one life.

So there are many ways to get in shape, whether you want to fit into your old clothes when you were slimmer to literally being in the best shape of your life, and even more. The truth of the matter is what exactly do you see your ideal body? Do you see yourself doing handstands in Yoga? Bench Press over 150 lbs and/or stacks 45lb plates on each side from the already heavy 45lbs press bar? The typical, “I just wanna look good before the summer hits” phrase? All these wonderful goals do have one thing in common, what exactly do you want to get out of a fitness program and is it enjoyable to stick to it in the long run? You have to ask yourself these questions. “What do I want to accomplish?” “Do you want to lose weight and gain muscle? Are you ready to go through the pain and change your diet to get there? How fast and strong will I take my body?

There are absolutely so many fitness programs to think of, its endless. Yoga, Circuit training, Calisthenics, Weight-Lifting, Martial Arts, and general sports are categories we are gonna to focus on this blog since I am currently training on the first 5 I listed. However, you never know, I might be a golf player and call it a day. You can train with a personal trainer (interview soon with mine), train at your very own home, or find a group of people to motivate you to go a gym since science proves that you get to your ideal goal more significantly with a group of people. Spend some money on buying the essentials first so not only you deck out your gym with gear, but motivates you to stay on that mindset in some way. Invest in a good pair of running and/or walking shoes, dumbbells, gym clothes, exercise mat, and a water bottle/gym bag. Other than that, be ready, you got one life.