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How the hell creativity has anything to do with fitness?

I admit. I have a long way to go before I acquire the knowledge of a certified fitness professional. Whew, I just have to put that there before I rummage the internet for endless loads of information about diet and exercise to write for and customize my diet and exercise plans to get stronger. There is so much I learned so much about circuit training and body-weight exercises that my body not only shred off the fat, but I was able to do more pullups than I ever expected. (I can hit 10 proper pullups, but I’m a nutcase and want to do 25 pullups and at least 5 muscle ups) Let’s get to the point here, I really am not used to talking about myself if it doesn’t have to deal with my photography/videography work, even thought I haven’t edited videos in ages (in my terminology). I’m still conscious and nervous as shit when I have the camera focused on me. And most importantly, I am not used to asking for things versus always being the one giving out a helping hand in general.

Everyone has their starting points in life. Everyone have struggles, difficulties and things they wished they done in the past. People have their ups and downs, plateau on their health, passions and other things (This article from Nerd Fitness helped me alot), jerks that took advantage of your time, energy and kindness and etc. As a  press photographer and freelancing video editor, the art of picking up projects and doing them comes with creativity. You have to be in “the zone” to really have a product that “wow” your audience and you have to do this often and often and often! For me, it means the excitement, passion and zeal in everything you are doing. Pretty much, you have to feel good about everything. If you feel like shit, everything you do will eventually show. Your work is not as strong as before. You have that “creative block”. Flustered, pissed off and depressed, you get stubborn about changing your career choice, but you do want to get back in creating again. So I took a 5 minute walk every time I get pressed.

“Exercising on a regular basis may thus act as a cognitive enhancer promoting creativity in inexpensive and healthy ways.”

I realized that when I had my first training session for a few months with my trainer, I noticed a change beyond my weight. I became more creative, or in other words  improved divergent and convergent thinking, which are considered the two components of creative thinking”. I saw improvement on my photography when I shoot, I feel a lot confident in reaching out to strangers in general, whether if I’m doing a set and need someone to hold my camera to get video of me and most importantly happier. Long story short, fitness makes you more creative. The more I pushed myself, through the workouts, sets and reps, the more creative and understanding I become of myself. I realize how much I missed video editing and would love to get more opportunities. On the flip side, I became more resilient when dealing with people that aren’t worth my time. I actually don’t mind being in front of camera a bit more and have more ideas than I did when I didn’t start working out. I will post more content of my results, not just the fitness aspect, but my creative stuff too. Who knows, maybe I can do my own photoshoots with me in it.

Oh and enjoy this picture I took of Taylor Swift.

Question of the day: What tips that you have experiences that helps you get over your creative blocks? Please share you comments below.

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Nerd Fitness and Resetting the Game of Life: Steve Kamb at TEDxEmory 2012

Excerpt from TED:

Steve Kamb is the creator and leader of, a fitness community dedicated to helping average Joes and desk jockeys live healthier lives. In just under three years, Steve has taken Nerd Fitness from a simple one-man blog and developed it into a passionate “rebellion” of over 15,000 loyal members.

Since early 2009, Steve has applied the most addicting and enjoyable aspects of video game culture to leveling up in real life, culminating in his worldwide Epic Quest of Awesome. While running his business from a laptop, Steve has explored the ruins of Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat, dived with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, flew a stunt plane in New Zealand, hiked the Great Wall of China, lived like James Bond in Monte Carlo, tracked animals in South Africa, and guest lectured at Facebook and Google.

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Month 5: Gearing for that Bikini


For five months, I have sweated out more liquids out my body than I did for the past few years. I have done versions of modified pushups (side to side pushups and shoulder tap pushups) than the regular ones. I ate much healthier food more consistently to calm the ADHD beast that plagued me during my college days. Got to a point where my mom even tried out my brown rice with stew and vegetables (EAT THOSE LEAFY GREENS, FOLKS!) knowing that it’s not something usual in the West African diet of things. I don’t have the need to go out every other weekend like peers my age do. I can even drink a gallon of water a day. Started to become one of those, my lover is the gym/pull-ups people. (Because I’m single and I rather spend more time for me than someone I met at the club) All in all, not only I am seeing muscles in my body I never noticed, but mentally I am more accepting of myself and more confident in my abilities as a photographer/video editor, but as a person.

Who knows, maybe in month 9, I am considering training for the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder just for fun. I am starting to appreciate the things I love again when I was in my prime in high school such as nature, anime (was the punk/geek kid back then, don’t ask). Not to mention, I am considering trying new things in my life I never thought possible. I want to be able to give public speeches without becoming overwhelmed and nervous as I constantly struggle with speech. I want to learn how to dance and do a backflip. I don’t care if its pole-dancing or parkour, at least I can proudly hold my head high and say, me, me? I can do this? Naw.  My next goal and I promise, promise, promise I will show you the pictures soon in this blog is to buy my first bikini. Summer is almost over, but this is something I never considered in doing till now.

I always played things safe and would wear onsies, while I let others to strut their stuff. I don’t know, consciously I thought I need the best abs in the world for a bikini since I always had a huge gut. I never really had mega body issues, but I never liked to show off either. I shouldn’t allow society to define what I should buy for my body type, but I also shouldn’t hide when you do have beautiful parts about you should consider showing off. I plan to buy my first bikini….perhaps in before New York Fashion Week or the next opportunity to hit a body of water with a group of friends…or a date. I don’t know. This is my Concept of F.I.T. Love your body the most.