UFC GYM SOHO grand opening celebration

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The world leader in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and one of the world’s most recognized names in sports entertainment, UFC©, is holding events throughout the week until Thursday, Nov. 13 for their official grand opening celebration for the public from 5-10PM at UFC GYM SOHO. Food, demonstrations, & special guests will be provided. Located at 277 Canal Street, 3rd floor between Broadway and Canal Street, UFC GYM SOHO in New York City hosted a media day, exclusive for press and media last night.

Under UFC’s 10,000 square foot gym, it also features a 24 foot Octagon, specially designed room with 30 heavy bags, customized UFC© free weights, top of the line strength training and cardio machines and TRX suspension training. We were given an opportunity to participate in group fitness classes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique driven and UFC FIT training classes, led by professional fighters, Levi Lalonde and Ramsey Nijem. Not to mention, we were given access to amenities such as hand wraps, punching gloves and more, in addition of receiving official UFC Goodie bags to kick start our fitness endeavors.

According to how UFC’s training methods are different from other high-end gyms in the city, UFC Gym’s “TRAIN DIFFERENT” approach attracts a diverse crowd of gym goers, especially who are UFC enthusiasts, people interested in self-defense or people who simply want to get more out of a gym besides machines. UFC GYM’S “TRAIN DIFFERENT” approach “fuses together the multi-disciplined approach of mixed martial arts with state-of-the-art equipment and traditional fitness. Members can access as many tools and resources as they need to reach their goals and develop a healthy lifestyle.” The manager of UFC GYM SOHO, Tiffany “TK” Keaton did an amazing job in ensuring that we got the full UFC experience, whether if you trained in martial arts or never touched a bag before.

The workouts are not only fun and very intense, from rounds punching the heavy bag with weighted gloves to learning essential grappling techniques in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but also fuse real-life fighting techniques in helping you maximize your fitness potential. With an enlarged poster of Ronda Rousey’s smiling in the girl’s locker room, you can be ensured that the fighter in you is waiting to come out. Overall, the gym deserves five stars for overall staff, atmosphere, venue, organization and likeness to the UFC Franchise. This is truly a dreamland for anyone into UFC and martial arts with top notch equipment, staff and gym.

For more information and special opening rates, visit www.ufcgym.com/nycsoho, call 212-858-9880 or email nycsoho@ufcgym.com. UFC GYM NYC SoHo joins over 115 UFC GYMS in 28 states in the U.S. and one in Sydney, Australia.

FitCircuit’s Fitness Lifestyle and Wellness Event Review

Romy Antoine and Jacklyn Sklaver  of FitCircuit

Romy Antoine and Jacklyn Sklaver of FitCircuit

An exciting, NYC fitness and wellness event was held on Thursday, Oct. 16 at the Harman Store, hosted by FitCircuit, which comprises of the outstanding teamwork between RippedNFit and Fitmissnyc. For $20 per ticket, tri-state residents have the opportunity to meet like-minded people in the fitness, health and wellness industry and find out about latest brands, food, services and products.

Among the event was a complimentary yoga class by lululemon athletica, taught by Alexandra Seijo of Pure Yoga, products samples and snacks from various vendors including Laurel’s Nut Butter, Blk, ProTings, Nth Degree, SkinnyPop, Fresh Routes, Cevich, Zero Bar LLC and Protein Factory. There were also demonstrations/presentations from different gym services and apparel vendors including Naturally Intense, Regenerate Fitness, UFC Gym, Rock Tape, SXE Fitness, Movement Minded, Reverence Apparel, Kiwi Sweat and yogatees-nyc.com.

In addition, complimentary gift bags, raffles and giveaways from Sox Box, Hylete, My Oatmeal and JBL were given. Free Yurbuds sports headphones were given to the first 100 attendees and trial classes for some of the gyms mention earlier. And if this doesn’t wow you enough, there was an open bar from Vita Frute by Veev (organic, all-natural, ready-to-drink cocktails), a quick Yoga-dance performance, DJ Music provided by the Harman store, and discounts galore, including from the store itself.

FitCircuit deserves five stars for overall presentation, atmosphere, venue, organization, and timeliness. Almost all of the vendors are very innovative, passionate and committed in their contributions to the health, wellness and fitness world.

From Naturally Intense’s 10-minute workouts, UFC franchise providing training studios to the public to blk’s (the water is actually black due to combining fulvic trace minerals with mineral spring water) revolution in providing maximum benefits in drinking water, this event has a lot of amazing things for all attendees.

Not to mention, you can learn how to use Kinesiology tape with live demonstrations from RockTape.

What is also impressive with FitCircuit, is how they are building a platform in connecting fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and people interested in a healthy lifestyle with some of the top fitness professionals, trainers, and trendsetters in the industry, including celebrity trainer, Kevin Richardson of Naturally Intense.

The hosts, RippedNFit’s Romy Antoine and Fitmissnyc’s Jaclyn Sklaver are also both very talented and personable personal trainers who have a lot of offer with many more FitCircuit events. So if you are in fitness/wellness/health and do not want to wait for yearly expos in New York City, FitCircuit has you covered.

For more information on the organizers:
• RippedNFit-http://www.rippednfit.com
• FitmissNYC-http://fitmissnyc.com/

Like FitCircuit at Instagram- http://instagram.com/fitcircuit

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