5 things I learned from 2014 about weight loss

weight loss

I decided that it’s time to say goodbye to that lifelong lingering belly fat and lose weight in 2014.  Despite my history in doing sports, I never felt that my body reached a level of optimal health. Even as a school athlete for track and field and cross country (not to mention, other sports that sparked my interests), my nutrition was poor as a puberty-stricken teenager. I always thought that my body can burn the calories and fat and bought whatever junk food I wanted.

Hence, took me longer than expected to see the results I wanted. Fast forward, a year ago to this day, I told myself that I will lose the weight and gain the respect I wanted, for myself. As a result, this blog was born and I had other opportunities in the health and fitness world. Here are the 5 things I learned about weight loss in 2014

Join a group or gym that motivates you to make it on time for classes or the gym itself                                            

There is no better motivation than having a workout buddy to hit workouts with. Becoming part of a workout team, and/or classes with a group instructor not only gives you inspiration, but gives you the obligation to not waste time of others as a consequence. What happens when you don’t show up and your workout buddy does, you let both yourself and the buddy down. Don’t be that jerk.

Have a personal trainer for at least 3 training sessions                                                                                                  

There are some things in life that people spend a bit extra for a given benefit.  Despite their rates per session, a good personal trainer is worth it. They give you that extra push for you to tackle that last rep of beyond. Not to mention, assess your limits and look for ways to crush it.  My first personal trainer Theresa knew I was strong to begin with and often overload my muscles with her workout plans to ensure I never get away easy. (For me, the days where I cursed, spat on the ground, farted and vomited was well worth it.)

Try to make the first two months critical when it comes to dieting                                                                                  

This might be biased for me to say this, but make every effort to spend at least the first two months crucial in terms of your nutrition. That means, no alcohol and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, do not eat it.  Vegan or no vegan, eat as much natural products, cut the diet foods bullshit

and drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Your body will thank you.

You don’t necessary need a gym to lose weight                                                                                                                      

I believe that Circuit Training is the most effective method for weight loss.  You are constantly shocking your body and the calories to continue to burn up to 48 hours. Not to mention HIIT Training combines cardio and strength building which helps to eventually achieve those chiseled abs, assuming that your diet is to par. I recommend this website by personal trainer, Neila Rey to get started. http://neilarey.com

Envision what your body need to look like                                                                                                                      

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said this line: “Visualize and see exactly what you wish to become”.  Most importantly, if you want the results, you have to visualize your goals before it becomes something set in stone. If you wanted to be ripped like The Rock or Jillian Michael, read about their process in fitness and try your best in reaching for the goal as direct as possible.

Here’s to an even fit 2015!

The benefits of working with a partner

Group exercises for everyone!

Group exercises for everyone!

Remember as children we loved to play together as playtime was the greatest thing in world besides candy? Things started to shift as we become teenagers and our friends become more dominant in how we spend our activities together. As adults, though we still enjoy being active with a few friends, time and stress seems our greatest obstacles when it comes to getting proper needed exercise. Group exercise or at least having a workout buddy gives us the ability to feel young again and return the power of “playtime.”


Bombarded by the media to exercise, most people understand the benefits of a good workout, but receive little guidance in how to initiate the process. With group exercise, exercises are offered on all levels from beginner to advanced, so participants don’t need to know how to develop and effective workout. Thanks to the right fitness instructor in helping you start a new routing, just show up and have a great time!


Few people have that initial drive to take account of skipped sessions when done solo. However, when you work out with a group or a partner, you suddenly become more accountable for showing up to workouts. Setting up times to exercise with a workout buddy or going to a class ensures that you show up on time to work out. This also works very well if you have a personal trainer, who can assure to hold you accountable for not getting your ideal weight since study shows that showing up for someone results in fewer missed workouts!


It is commonly known that it takes over 3,500 calories to burn a pound and burning more calories than you consume is how you shred the pounds away. With a low-calorie meal and good workouts throughout the week, weight loss is bound to happen. “People who work out with a partner lose up to 10 additional pounds than if they exercise alone” according to Motley Health. In addition, your motivation can increase, especially with people that can help you focus on your weight loss goals. Seriously, have friends that won’t eat junk food in front of you when you clearly have a Pilates class 30 minutes from now.


“Exercising with a friend decreases feelings of fatigue and increases energy”, according to a 2011 study published in the American Journal of Health Behavior. Working out with a friend increases the intensity and duration of an exercise session compared to working solo. A partner can help you push yourself harder than you would work out alone. In addition, exercise is good for elevating mood and reducing stress and with a partner or a group, these effects are enhanced. Lastly, group exercise might also allow your brain to release more endorphins and can help you get through difficult types of exercise by reducing pain and enhance a better mood.

Wondrous benefits of taking cold showers

The cold shower therapy has recently become more popular within the past few years, thanks to inspirational people from the Internet including Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ. The feat of shockingly icy water running behind one’s back, whether someone flushed the toilet at your living space or simply a prank is seen as nothing more as a dreadful punishment. Cold showers are deemed a feat for the brave, powerful and insane. However, taking cold showers have astronomical benefits for your overall health, especially if you are starting a new business, an aspiring fitness enthusiast, or someone who simply needs a push. Try to take at least five minutes cold showers a day and you will thank yourself! Here are seven benefits in taking cold showers.

  • Increases immunity and circulation-

Despite chilly fall and winter seasons, taking cold baths can actually increase your overall immune system by releasing more virus-attacking white blood cells. “Those who take cold showers typically exhibit higher white blood cell counts as well as higher concentrations of plasma, T helper cells, and lymphocytes” In addition, cold showers also increases overall blood circulation, which helps aid in avoiding hypertension and the hardening of arteries. Cold water exposure causes blood flow to be redirected to vital organs which forces the circulation of more efficient blood flow.

(Source: http://www.thehackedmind.com/7-reasons-to-take-cold-showers-and-1-that-really-matters/)

  • Energy Boost-

Who says a cup of coffee and caffeine are the only energy boosters in the mornings? Cold showers will leave you energized and invigorated as your heart gets pumping and a rush of blood flows through the body, shaking off the lethargic energy of the night before. An example of cold water rejuvenation occurred in traditional Japan as: “ancient samurai warriors used to pour buckets of cold river water on their heads every morning in a Shinto practice called Misogi. This was a purification ritual on a spiritual level. They believe that it cleansed their spirit and helped start a fresh new day.”

(Source: http://www.guidinginstincts.com/2012/04/10-health-benefits-of-cold-showers.html)

  • Aids in Weight Loss-

There are two types of fats in our bodies; white fat and brown fat. White fat is the fat we struggle to get rid of. Brown fat is heavily involved in burning energy and when exposed to the cold, it stimulates brown fat production. Brown fat cells burns the glucose in order to produce as much heat energy as possible and having a higher amount of brown fat leads to more energy being burned per second which leads to more weight loss. “As a result of the increased brown fat levels, and the increased blood pressure and body temperature, chemical reactions in the body will happen faster than they would have without regular cold showers.” It is also reported that on average that a human body can shed up to nine pounds a year due to cold showers alone. (Source: http://www.guidinginstincts.com/2012/04/10-health-benefits-of-cold-showers.html)

  • Relieves Depression and gives you attractive nails, hair and skin-

Cold showers stimulate the noradrenaline secretion in the brain, which is associated with lowering blood pressure and depression. On another note, it is well known that hot showers dry out both hair and skin. Switching to cold water can give you shiner hair and healthier skin by tightening pores, preventing them from getting clogged and reduces both acne and blemishes. Lastly, “cold water also contributes to detoxification which results in the squeezing of toxins and waste products out of the skin. This detoxification has a good effect on the skin which appears more clean and young. .. Stronger hair, of course, prevents hair from easily falling out and it helps in slowing down overall hair loss.

Try to take at least five minutes cold showers a day and you will thank yourself!colld